Dog Stamps Plus






This technique is easy and has fabulous results.  The velvet material that works best is 100% rayon.  Next best is a rayon/acetate blend.  Both of these will dry clean perfectly, yet the image remains!  You may use polyester velvet, but the results are disappointing and the image not shimmery.  Cotton velvet does not work.


Lay out your pattern so you have a good idea of the parameters of the area to be cut out.   During the pressing the material can shrink, so it is best to heat stamp before cutting out the pattern.  Save all scraps for making small ornaments, patchwork pillows, or a window card.  Select images which are bold and have less detail than most paper images, with a clean recognizable silhouette or design.  Lay stamp face up on your ironing board (if you still have one).  Position velvet face down on top of the stamp.  Mist lightly with water and carefully press straight down with a common household iron set at the hot or cotton setting.  Hold in place for 20 seconds - use some pressure for best results.  Be careful not to move around the iron.  Lift the cloth and be amazed at the results.---

It's Beautiful!


Projects:  Scarves, pillows, a lined vest, Christmas ornaments (stuffed and stitched), small fun evening bags, golf-club covers for the non-doggy spouse.

















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