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Over Stocked!

Schnauzer-1E (Miniature)
Schnauzer- Stacked

Size:  2-1/2" Wide X 2" Tall
(Was $9.95)
 Price: $4.95  (USD)

Schnauzer-1E-UM (Miniature)
Unmounted with Cushion
Schnauzer- Stacked
 Price: $3.50  (USD)





Schnauzer-3E (Miniature)

Size:  1-3/4" Wide X 2" Tall
 Price: $9.95  (USD)

Schnauzer-3E-UM (Miniature)

Unmounted with Cushion
 Price: $5.00  (USD)

Over Stocked!

Schnauzer-2J Bold (Giant)
Schnauzer - Giant/Bold

Size:  3-1/4" Wide X 3-1/4" Tall
(Was $17.95)

Now Price: $9.00  (USD)

Schnauzer-2J-UM Bold (Giant)
Unmounted with Cushion
Schnauzer - Giant/Bold
 Price: $7.50  (USD)




Pup - Sitting
Size:  1-1/4" Wide X 1-1/4" Tall
 Price: $8.95  (USD)

Schnauzer-2E (Miniature)

Size:  1-1/2" Wide X 2-1/4" Tall
 Price: $9.95  (USD)

Schnauzer-2E-UM (Miniature)

Unmounted with Cushion
 Price: $5.00  (USD)

Schnauzer-1E (Standard)

Size:  2" Wide X 2-1/4" Tall
 Price: $9.95  (USD)

Schnauzer-1E-UM (Standard)

Unmounted with Cushion
 Price: $5.00  (USD)


Over Stocked!

Schnauzer-1D Bold (Giant)
Head Study
Size:  1-1/4" Wide X 1-1/4" Tall
(Was $8.95)
 Price: $4.00  (USD)

Schnauzer-1D-UM Bold (Giant)
Unmounted with Cushion
Head Study
 Price: $3.00  (USD)





Size:  1-5/8" Wide X 1-1/4" Tall

 Price: $8.95  (USD)

Limited Supply for this stamp!
When they're gone they're gone.


Size:  1-7/8" Wide X 2-1/8" Tall
 Price: $7.95  (USD)