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All Designs in this Website are Copyright protected by Dog Stamps Plus to which we retain FULL rights and ownership.  Dog Stamps Plus is considered in the Trade, as an "ANGEL Company" - which is one that allows HAND STAMPED item, created with our Copyrighted designs, to be sold.  However, we DO retain Copyright restrictions as follows:  None of these designs may be incorporated into ANY PRINTED or ELECTRONICALLY REPRODUCED FORM.  This includes any image used for advertising of those hand stamped items, without written permission from the company.  We encourage use of these images for items as fund raisers for clubs and rescue organizations.  However, strictly commercial use of these images is by license only.  If you have ANY questions, or wish permission for image usage, please feel free to contact us.

(Owner and Manufacturer for Dog Stamps Plus Rubber Art Stamps)

email: DogStampsPlus@aol.coms

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